Strange .tooltip() Error With jQuery UI

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Whilst developing for my final year project today I encountered a very strange ‘bug’ using a tooltip in jQuery UI. I was calling the tooltip method on the whole document model upon page load, like so:

$(document).tooltip({ track: true });

…which had worked completely fine in the past (It is valid - verified here), but something must have changed in my page because now, upon hovering over an element with a title attribute, the page would go completely blank! I refreshed the page and this time had Chrome’s inspector panel open, and actually what was happening was an almost empty HTML document was being loaded:

<head><style type="text/css"></style>

This bedazzled me as it does not seem like behavior that tooltip should show even if it went badly wrong somewhere; I eventually fixed this by moving my tooltip line to just after my AJAX content loaded and running it on a single

element instead.

If anybody has seen this error or anything similar I would be very interested to hear about it, as I am no expert at web development, and completely clueless at the moment as to why it stopped working, or why my changes fixed it!